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Tips On Losing Weight & Lasting Results

Published October 02, 2018 (Revised: August 14, 2019)
<article> <section> <p align="justify">Every single day, people go online desperately looking for the best way to lose weight and have lasting results. </p> <p align="justify">They have tried every diet program known to man.</p> <p align="justify">They have taken their doctor's advice.</p> <p align="justify">They have experienced the full range of emotions from excitement all the way to despair.</p> <p align="justify">And in the end, around 90% of people who really want to get into better shape and fall in love with their bodies end up right where they started.</p> <p align="justify">Frustrated.</p> <p align="justify">Overweight and out of shape.</p> <p align="justify">And no more clear then they were when they first went online.</p> <p align="justify">If the picture we just painted for you sounds familiar, please keep reading... </p> <p align="justify">...because today we're going to tell you the truth about the best way to lose weight and we’re gonna tell you the one you absolutely have to do if you want to have lasting results. </p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header><p align="justify">There’s Entirely Too Much Confusion Online When It Comes To Weight Loss And Fitness</p></header> <p align="justify">If you’re like the average person, you have probably read just about every article on the internet about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. </p> <p align="justify">What's sad is that every fitness expert out there seems to have their own idea about what works and what doesn't.</p> <p align="justify">Some fitness gurus recommend a specific diet and way of eating. They're so hardcore and rigid about it that they don't allow people to just be normal human beings. :( </p> <p align="justify">Others are stuck on a way of exercising that may not take our busy schedules into account.</p> <p align="justify">They assume we have nothing better to do than stay in a gym for hours and hours every week. </p> <p align="justify">Some let you eat bread.</p> <p align="justify">While others tell you to avoid it altogether.</p> <p align="justify">Should you run, bike, or walk?</p> <p align="justify">Really, it's all just very confusing... and if, after reading all that information, you have no idea what to do to get your health in order, you’re not alone!</p> <p align="justify">But that ends, today. Let’s get started...because it’s high time you figure out what’s gonna help you jump start your health and fitness goals.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header><p align="justify">The Best Way To Lose Weight: Step 1 - Improve Your Diet!</p></header> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=" "> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt=" fatty-food-keto"> </picture> <p align="justify">Years ago, Coach Tyler was working with a one-on-one coaching client who just couldn’t lose weight for anything.</p> <p align="justify">Coach Tyler had come highly recommended, and this gentleman was completely at his wit's end about what to do to get back in shape.</p> <p align="justify">Not only that, but the man’s doctor had told him that if he didn't lose 20 to 30 pounds, his life was in jeopardy.</p> <p align="justify">He was at high risk of a having either a heart attack or a stroke, and all he wanted to do was live long enough to see his grandchildren.</p> <p align="justify">The problem matter how much work they did together, he just didn't seem to be losing weight the way Coach Tyler's clients normally did.</p> <p align="justify">After enlisting the help of his wife, Tyler made some changes in his client’s diet...and the weight literally begin to melt off his body.</p> <p align="justify">It happened so quickly that it was hard for both of them to believe. It seemed like the stuff you hear about late at night when you're watching weight loss television infomercials.</p> <p align="justify"><i>But the beautiful thing was that it was happening right in front of their eyes.</i></p> <p align="justify">Tyler is frequently heard repeating the old adage, “You can’t outtrain a bad diet.” And he is 100% right.</p> <p align="justify">But if you think you can stop with diet when you're trying to figure out the best way to lose weight, you've got it all wrong.</p> <p align="justify">Based on the results we've gotten with thousands of people from all around the world, we're convinced that this is a different kind of proposition. Keep reading to see what we mean...</p> <p align="justify">...because a great diet without exercise is meaningless. So let's talk about exercise, now.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header><p align="justify">The Best Way To Lose Weight: Step 2 - Move Your Body The Right Way</p></header> <p align="justify">On your quest to find the best way to lose weight, there should be no question that exercise is important.</p> <p align="justify">From WebMD to the National Institutes of Health to Harvard University and your local doctor’s office...all the experts agree that exercise is healthy for human beings.</p> <p align="justify">As a matter of fact, the sedentary lifestyle that comes with the modern workday is one of the leading contributing factors to a national epidemic of obesity and poor heart health.</p> <p align="justify">The sad thing is that our children are starting to be affected as well. Did you know that only one in three children actually gets exercise everyday?? </p> <p align="justify">And 80% of American adults are doing less than they need to maintain proper muscle strength.</p> <p align="justify">80% of teenagers are suffering from a lack of activity, too! </p> <p align="justify">It's <a target="_blank" href=""rel="noreferrer"><b>actually appalling how little we exercise</b></a>. No wonder so many of us struggle with our weight!</p> <p align="justify">Long work days, long commutes, and stressful environments all conspire together to make people think that they can't make time for exercise...but that's just not the truth.</p> <p align="justify">Here’s the truth: if you were to make a tiny shift in your daily schedule by just getting up 30 minutes to an hour earlier, or going to bed 30 minutes to an hour later, you would have enough time in your day to exercise.</p> <p align="justify"><i>And we don't mean to be aggressive or rude or make you feel bad.</i></p> <p align="justify">It's just that we have seen so many people have really serious health consequences simply because they didn't stay active enough each week.</p> <p align="justify">A lack of physical activity has a direct impact on how strong your heart is able to beat, how easily you are able to deal with stressful situations, and even how low your cholesterol is.</p> <p align="justify">Exercise even has the amazing ability to somehow help you clear your mind so you can think better…</p> <p align="justify">...and thinking better is great for your communication skills, your working relationships, and even your creative ability.</p> <p align="justify">No matter who you are, you need to work out!</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header><p align="justify">But What Are The Best Exercises To Do If You Want To Lose Weight?</p></header> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=" "> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt=" couple-exercising"> </picture> <p align="justify">We're glad you asked that question!</p> <p align="justify">There are many schools of thought when it comes to the best kinds of workouts.</p> <p align="justify">Some people recommend lots of cardio like running, biking, jogging, or even speed walking.</p> <p align="justify">Others say you need to do weightlifting to build up your muscle mass and speed up your metabolism.</p> <p align="justify">Still <i>others</i> say that low impact movement that helps you become more flexible is the best...and so they recommend things like Yoga or Pilates.</p> <p align="justify">We aren't really going to come hard against any of those styles of exercise. The truth is that you have to do whatever style of exercise that you like the most.</p> <p align="justify">Because that's what you're going to stick with!</p> <p align="justify">However, from a logical point of view, why not do a style of exercise that includes all three of these things and doesn't require you to go to a gym or pay for any kind of exercise classes outside of your home? </p> <p align="justify">Simple bodyweight exercises can give you more than enough movement to satisfy your body's need for cardio, strength, and flexibility.</p> <p align="justify">And if you use these exercises in a specific, repeatable sequence a few times per week, you can get in an effective workout that won't take up all your time.</p> <p align="justify">In our experience, all you need is anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes of bodyweight exercises just three times a week.</p> <p align="justify">Any more than that, and it's overkill. The best way to lose weight with exercise is to work out to the best of your ability and then give your body ample time to recover.</p> <p align="justify">If you want to see what we mean, here’s a sample exercise that you can use starting today, if you like. It’s easy and it won’t take much of your time.</p> <div class="wistia_responsive_padding w-md-75 mx-auto" style="padding:56.25% 0 0 0;position:relative;"> <div class="wistia_responsive_wrapper" style="height:100%;left:0;position:absolute;top:0;width:100%;"> <div class="wistia_embed wistia_async_jeeo2k4xqz seo=false videoFoam=true" style="height:100%;width:100%">&nbsp;</div> </div> </div> <header><p align="justify">The Best Way To Lose Weight: Step 3 - Find Your Tribe!</p></header> <p align="justify">If you eat food for comfort, again that's a very emotional thing to deal with.</p> <p align="justify">And when you keep it all bottled up inside, and you don't talk to anybody about what you're going through on a day-to-day basis, it's too easy to slip back into old, familiar patterns of behavior that don't serve you. </p> <p align="justify">It's easy to make that midnight run to Steak and Shake.Now, we're about to share with you what may be the most important part of permanent weight loss.</p> <p align="justify">This is something that we don't really see a lot of people talking about, but it really should be discussed if you want to reach your goals and maintain your results for the rest of your life.</p> <p align="justify">Here’s the straight-up truth: <b>You. Can’t. Do. It. All. Alone!</b></p> <p align="justify">If there's one thing that is a recurring theme with all of our successful weight loss clients, it's that they made themselves accountable not just to our systems and our coaches...but they joined a tribe of people who all have the same goal.</p> <p align="justify">Losing weight is a very emotional journey.</p> <p align="justify">It's easy to just go eat fast food instead of cooking healthy, whole-food meals at home.</p> <p align="justify">And most of all, it's easy to trick yourself into believing that things will never change.</p> <p align="justify">On the other hand...when you are surrounded by a tribe of people who believe in you and who support you, it's super hard to stay stuck.</p> <p align="justify">We can't tell you how many testimonials we get on a daily basis about how great our clients feel knowing they have a safe place to turn to when they're having a hard day.</p> <p align="justify">And it's those people who have the greatest results when they're trying to lose weight.</p> <p align="justify">So if you haven't found your tribe of people who will be there with you through thick and thin as you create a more healthy lifestyle, our strongest suggestion is to do everything you can to find those people.</p> <p align="justify">They will be there for you as you're learning how to eat better. And they will be there for you as you get accustomed to moving your body more consistently.</p> <p align="justify">And when you put all three of these things together - good food, effective exercise, and a strong tribe - you have a winning combination for the best way to lose weight.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header><p align="justify">And That’s What You Have To Do To Have Lasting Results When It Comes To Losing Weight!</p></header> <p align="justify">So, here is your the answer to the question, “What’s the best way to lose weight and keep it off?”</p> <p align="justify"><b>ANSWER:</b> You need to take all three of the areas we discussed in this article, and you need to combine them so you have a perfect environment to get healthy and stay healthy.</p> <p align="justify">There's this constant argument on the internet about whether losing weight is 20% about exercise and 80% about food. To us, it's a weird conversation...because no one is talking about the importance of community.</p> <p align="justify"><b>And all three are important!</b></p> <p align="justify">If you eat healthy but you don't ever work out, you're setting yourself up for heart disease and potentially some emotional issues, too. Researchers are still studying the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on the mind and the emotions...but so far the research doesn't look that great.</p> <p align="justify">People absolutely need to exercise, or they risk depression and other mental health challenges.</p> <p align="justify">And if you exercise but don't eat healthy, you're shooting yourself in the foot there, too! </p> <p align="justify">Your body was designed to be fueled by great if you don't give it what it needs, it's eventually going to shut down on you.</p> <p align="justify">And finally if you take all your great intentions and you exercise and you eat well, but you're all alone while you're trying to get yourself're eventually going to stall out.</p> <p align="justify">It's impossible to maintain any mindset at the same intensity (all the time) for the rest of your life. </p> <p align="justify">You're going to have happy days. You're going to have inspired days. And sometimes, you're just going to feel like crap.</p> <p align="justify">That's totally normal. You’re a human being.</p> <p align="justify">But now, we’ve created a way for you to keep going after your goal, even on those “I don’t wanna get out of bed” days. Once you know your proper body type, you’ll be able to exercise with confidence, knowing the exercises you’re doing are designed specifically for you.</p> <p align="justify">No more spending hours at the gym, always feeling hungry, and never seeing anything change. Today you can take the Core-Type Quiz for FREE to discover your body type and the proper exercises you need to be doing to change your body and life!</p> <p align="justify">We hope you like what you see!</p> <p align="justify"><b>Take the Free <a target="_blank" href=""rel="noreferrer"><b>CORE-TYPE QUIZ</b></a> and Discover The Best Exercises For Your Body!</b></p> <div class="sub-head">Resources</div> <ol> <li><a target="_blank" href=""rel="noreferrer">Facts & Statistics Physical Activity</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href=""rel="noreferrer">Sedentary Lifestyle Linked To Depression </a></li> </ol> </section> </article>

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