Enzymes and Probiotics for
Digestive Relief.

40 Billion Living Probiotics and Enzymes for Better Digestion.

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Escape Digestive Pain and Feel Comfortable Again.

  • Find Freedom in Choosing Foods
  • Reduce Abdominal Pain, Bloating, and Indigestion
  • Support Immune Health, Heart Functioning, and Energy Levels
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Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Experiences Digestive Issues.

You're not alone.

According to the American Nutrition Association, nearly 70 million people across America suffer from digestive issues like heartburn, indigestion, and IBS 1. Our bodies are deteriorating faster than ever because the food we eat is packed full of artificial ingredients. Things like fried foods, sugary snacks, and mega‐processed meats are stuffed with science experiments that we call preservatives.

Sadly, these things don't provide the proper nutrients, and we can actually experience harmful side effects from digesting substances like these.

Knowing these things, we at Warrior Made asked, "What can we do to help?"

Don't live in fear of "What If?"

Instead of worrying, it's time to restore gut health and experience wholesome digestion.

Most digestive products either give only "digestive enzymes" or "probiotics." That's like offering either a blanket or a pillow and saying, "Get good sleep." However, the reality is that both are needed. Which is why the Digestive Support Bundle is a unique combination of organic enzymes and probiotics designed to first improve digestive functioning, then tackle the deeper problem head‐on by increasing all‐around gut health.

Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes are packed full of necessary enzymes to help break down particles like fats, sugars, proteins, and dairy. This helps take care of those foods that typically cause digestive trouble. Warrior Made Probiotic 40 is packaged with 40 billion colony forming probiotics (CFUs) because things like stress and medicine are known to kill our healthy gut bacteria, which causes a rollercoaster for our energy levels, mental clarity, and immune system.

Step 1: Warrior Made
Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that help break small particles into even smaller particles. In order to decrease digestive pain and discomfort, Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes break down sugars, fats, and all sorts of particles into smaller, more digestible nutrients. In addition to enzymes like bromelain (breaks down proteins), lipase (breaks down sugars), and lactase (breaks down dairy); we added proprietary technology called Makzyme‐Pro, which has been known to support digestive enzymes with overall food breakdown.

Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes

Step 2: Warrior Made
Probiotic 40

Scientists are now discovering that the bacteria in our gut may have a bigger influence on things like heart health, energy levels, and even our waistline2,3. Warrior Made Probiotic 40 is packed full of 40 billion healthy, fresh gut bacteria. These "good" bacteria have one goal in mind: make the gut healthy. Warrior Made Probiotic 40 fights against poor digestion, which is usually caused by a bad diet and sedentary lifestyle. It's also supported by a proprietary formula called Maktrek, which is specially designed to protect the probiotics from stomach acids, meaning they can actually live long enough to enhance gut health.

Warrior Made Probiotic 40

What Does This Do For Me?

The Digestive Support Bundle is known to relieve abdominal pain, indigestion, and other chronic discomfort.

Optimize Gut Health

Optimize Gut Health

Our gut health can affect everything, including energy levels, mental clarity, and our immune system. The GI tract is home to billions of healthy bacteria that make up our "microbiome." Unfortunately, our microbiomes are being destroyed by artificial foods, stress, and even alcohol. However, the 40 billion living organisms in every serving of Warrior Made Probiotic 40 is enough to restore holistic health to our gut, otherwise known as our "second brain."

Relive Digestive Pain

Relieve Digestive Pain

We experience indigestion, pain, and discomfort when we can no longer break down our food into smaller nutrients. Most people don't know that even foods like coffee, chocolate, and berries can cause problems with digestion. Because of this, a dynamic duo of digestive enzymes and reinforcing probiotics are the keys to relieving painful digestion.

Support Vibrant Energy

Support Vibrant Energy

Constant fatigue typically comes from an unhealthy gut environment and an overgrowth of bad gut bacteria. In a review of 15 different studies, probiotics were shown to improve common forms of anxiety, depression, and bad memory4. By using enzymes and probiotics, good bacteria will overthrow the bad bacteria, resulting in a brand new feeling of natural energy!

Improve Nutrient Absorption

Improve Nutrient Absorption

Enzymes are like mini blenders in our GI tract: they help break down foods for energy and nutrients. In the case of our Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes, these are enzymes designed to help break down the most difficult of nutrients, like sugars, fats, proteins, and even dairy. This way, you can absorb all the nutrients from your meal, avoid pain from indigestion, and experience smoother digestion!

Can Help Tighten Waistline

The Digestive Support Bundle may also have an impact on waistline! In some cases, probiotics and digestive enzymes have led to a more complete breakdown of dietary fats and higher energy levels, which can contribute to increased weight loss.

Encourage Healthy Heart Functioning

A review of fifteen studies showed that people who took lactobacillus probiotics significantly reduced their total cholesterol and their LDL (bad) cholesterol5. This is because probiotics help to break down particles that would normally be absorbed into the blood stream and turned into cholesterol.

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Nothing Artificial Here.

The Digestive Support Bundle uses organic compounds to optimize natural gut health.

Our Digestive Support Bundle uses naturally active compounds to provide holistic digestive comfort. No artificial additives or components.

Digestive Enzymes from Nature's
Purest Sources

Enzymes are naturally made throughout the GI tract, but as we age our production slows our digestion suffers. Because of this, we found an array of enzymes from natural sources like pineapples, papaya, and other natural produce to support us when our enzyme production slows down.

Digestive Enzymes

Brown Seaweed Extract to Reap
Every Benefit

Most digestion products out there get burned up from destructive stomach acids, meaning nothing is absorbed and your money is wasted. To make sure every penny you spend is worth it, we included brown seaweed extract to wrap around our probiotics and make sure they are absorbed into the GI tract6.

40 Billion Powerful Probiotics in
Every Serving

Every day our good bacteria is burned up by stomach acids. In order to help boost gut health, we added 40 billion healthy probiotic organisms in every easily digestible capsule. These probiotics are designed to increase overall health, from promoting smooth digestion to supporting mental clarity to improving the immune system.

  • Improves Digestion
  • Boosts Nutrient Breakdown
  • Supports Protein Development
  • Reduces Fatigue
Digestive Support Bundle
  • Optimizes Gut Health
  • Promotes Mental Clarity
  • Assists Immunity
  • Aids Heart Functioning


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Smooth and Optimize Digestion!

Digestive Support Bundle

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Who is the Digestive Support Bundle for?

The Digestive Support Bundle is designed for people suffering from indigestion, bloating, and pain associated with digestive problems. It's also been shown to help people reap the full benefits of nutrients by breaking them down into body‐friendly sizes.

Because everybody reacts differently to different things, we recommend checking with your doctor before proceeding with taking any supplements.

What is so important about gut health?

The gut is home to what scientists call our Enteric Nervous System, which not only affects the GI tract and digestion, but also controls reflexes and muscles all throughout the body. For this reason it's commonly called the "second brain," and science is discovering more and more reasons why we need to be taking proper care of it.

What's the difference between Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes and Warrior Made Probiotic 40?

The digestive system is complex and sensitive, which is why the Digestive Support Bundle is intelligent and powerful. Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes are essentially proteins that help break food down into nutrients that can be more easily absorbed by the body, while Warrior Made Probiotic 40 is full of healthy gut bacteria that help enhance the enteric nervous system, our "second brain."

Why are there two different containers?

Pairing Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes and Warrior Made Probiotic 40 makes the most complete digestive supplement on the market. The reason they're in two separate containers? We didn't feel satisfied with giving just one or the other, and together they can help relieve digestion and give proper freedom.

How many capsules of the Digestive Support Bundle do I take, and how often?

The recommended dosage for the Digestive Support Bundle is one(1) softgel capsule of Warrior Made Pro Blend Digestive Enzymes before a big meal, and one(1) capsule of Warrior Made Probiotic 40, both consumed twice per day.

The Digestive Support Bundle is much more efficient and effective when taken once in the morning and once at night!

When will I be receiving my Digestive Support Bundle in the mail?

With our high demand we work our hardest to get the Digestive Support Bundle wrapped and shipped within 24‐48 hours. Once we get it in the mail, it should take anywhere between 5‐7 business days to get to your doorstep!

Digestive Support Bundle

Get Your 30 Day Supply!

Feel 200% satisfied or we're sending your money back, every cent. With our Warrior Strong 60 day money back guarantee, you can try a whole bottle and still get your money back!

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