Male Hormone Enhancement.

The Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle: Ultra Test and Male Enhancement.

Mens Hormone Optimization Bundle

Rediscover Youthful Drive and Endurance.

  • Enhance Male Vitality
  • Boost Testosterone Levels
  • Help Overall Muscle, Bone, and Prostate Health
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Starting at the Age of 30, Men Lose About 1% of Testosterone Per Year.

It's time to replenish your drive.

Today's culture is in dire need for men to take charge of their own lives again. Men need to be on their toes at the workplace, supply family security, and fulfill their wife's needs. People need strong men, so saying "I can't" isn't an option anymore.

The reality is, men lose a lot of their drive and grit when their testosterone levels drop below a certain point. In men with lower testosterone levels, others can even start noticing an absence of motivation, physical weakness, and a lack of overall confidence.

But you can take matters into your own hands...

The Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle.

Warrior Made has combined ancient ingredients to outperform common prescriptions!

In order to help revitalize men of all ages, the ingredients in the Warrior Made Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle have been shown to restore optimal hormonal levels using effective minerals, vitamins and herbs. When combined, our Warrior Made Ultra Test and Warrior Made Male Enhancement formulas help provide an increase in overall testosterone levels, increased male energy, and even prostate and heart health. Better yet, the Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle comes in liquid softgels for easy ingestion and maximum bioavailability!

What is Ultra Test?

Men's lives are usually categorized by the times when their testosterone levels were at their highest. Maybe that's why things start to blend together more the longer we live; because our testosterone levels are constantly shrinking and we experience less of life's "defining moments." Our Warrior Made Ultra Test is packed full of minerals and herbs, like magnesium, zinc, and tribulus — all of which have been scientifically studied to show an increase in testosterone and it's many benefits.

Warrior Made Ultra Test

What is Male Enhancement?

While our Warrior Made Ultra Test focuses on restoring the benefits of testosterone, our Warrior Made Male Enhancement formula is designed to enhance overall male health, with ingredients shown to help increase libido, and support brain, heart, and prostate health! The Warrior Made Male Enhancement formula is here to provide optimal drive for men who want to feel stronger and healthier like they did when they were younger.

Warrior Made Male Enhancement

Optimizing Male Hormones puts control back in your hands:

Support Low T Levels

Support Low‐T Levels

A 2012 study using the natural herb tongkat ali began with 70% of men reporting low testosterone levels. After only one month of consuming tongkat ali, the number of men reporting low testosterone levels shrunk to just 10%, which shows a support for stronger drive and endurance1.

Male Vitality

Promote Male Vitality

Research has found that when men with a suffering libido consume 750‐1,500 mg of tribulus per day for 60 days, they have seen increases of up to 79% in overall libido and sexual desire2. Also, one study showed that men taking more than 15 mg of zinc per day had a 66% reduction in their risk of developing severe prostate issues3.


Aid With Muscle Mass

Magnesium is shown time and time again to have immense benefits on muscle strength and health. One study of elite male basketball and volleyball players showed higher magnesium intake optimized muscle strength and flexibility5.

Improve Heart and Brain Health

According to a study done by a team of scientists at MIT and Duke University, zinc is critical for memory and learning6. On top of that, an Australian research team conducted a study that shows zinc can help protect against coronary heart disease7.

Increase Endurance and Energy

In an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report, zinc was shown to facilitate the breakdown of food into energy for physical optimization8. On top of this, a lack of zinc is associated with negative impacts on physical endurance, muscle strength, and heart strength.

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No More Prescriptions With
Crazy Side Effects.

Daily vitality in less than a minute per day!

Tribulus to Increase Testosterone

Research shows the tribulus herb can boost overall testosterone levels by 16% within 90 days9. In this study, there was also a 5.7% boost in what scientists call free testosterone, which is the most active testosterone that hasn't yet been used up by other parts of the body.


Zinc for Overall Longevity

Scientists from MIT and Duke University conducted a study that showed zinc is crucial for long‐term memory6. Also, researchers in Australia showed that zinc can help keep the heart functioning at proper levels and protect against coronary heart disease7.

Tongkat Ali to Sustain Male Vitality

These are two of the most powerful herbs in the world, both able to produce tremendous change. In a double-blind, placebo‐controlled study, men who consumed tongkat ali daily showed improvements in libido, and even some fat loss10.

Magnesium to Fill Muscles and Bones

The average American diet contains roughly 50% of the daily recommended amount of magnesium. In a study of 2,038 participants, magnesium was significantly related to a greater bone mass density11. In another study published in Biological Trace Element Research, magnesium taken over a four week span was shown to raise both overall and free testosterone levels, helping strengthen muscles12.

Muscles and Bones
  • Support Low T Levels
  • Promote Male Vitality
  • Preserve Heart Health
  • Support Long‐Lasting Energy
Mens Hormone Optimization Bundle
  • Increase Male Drive
  • Reduce ED Symptoms
  • Aid Muscle Longevity
  • Assist Memory
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Increase Male Drive and Endurance!

30 Day Keto Bundle

Get Your 30 Day Supply!

Feel 200% satisfied or we're sending your money back, every cent. With our Warrior Strong 60 day money back guarantee, you can try a whole bottle and still get your money back!

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Warrior Made

The mission of Warrior Made is to help people live healthier and happier lives. Our goal is to become the #1 body transformation website by providing everything necessary for a fast transformation, including proper workouts, healthy recipes, and high quality products. With this as our foundation, we source only the finest ingredients in order to make the best possible products that we not only use in our own lives, but also our children's. After spending over a decade in the health industry, we know about all the misinformation and distrust that goes on out there. Which is why our goal is to prove that we're different. Each of our products are designed for real people to see real change in their life, because we wouldn't want anything else for ourselves and our kids, either.


Who is the Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle for?

Research has shown us that testosterone levels in men decrease by at least one percent every year, beginning at the age of 30. For this reason, the Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle is recommended for men over the age of 30 who are experiencing noticeable declines in libido, physical endurance, and overall male drive.

Because everybody reacts differently to different things, we recommend checking with your doctor before proceeding with taking any supplements.

Shouldn't I get a prescription instead of this?

Nausea, back pain, and even sudden vision loss — these are only a few of the most common side effects of one of the most popular over‐the‐counter male enhancement drugs. On the other hand, the Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle only uses minerals and natural herbs to optimize hormone levels, unlike scientific experiments you can't pronounce.

How do I know if I have low testosterone levels?

Typically, low testosterone levels are accompanied by a lowered sex drive, constant fatigue, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, hair loss, and a multitude of other things. Also, scientific research shows most men over the age of 30 have declining T levels.

Why are there two different containers?

Our Warrior Made Ultra Test and our Warrior Made Male Enhancement formula provide the best male hormonal supplement out there. The reason they're in two separate containers? We didn't feel satisfied with just giving one or the other, and together they can provide a complete formula for maximizing men's health and drive.

How many capsules of the Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle do I take, and how often?

The recommended dosage for the Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle is three(3) capsules of Warrior Made Ultra Test before bedtime, and two(2) capsules of Warrior Made Male Enhancement once a day, 30 minutes before a meal.

When will I be receiving my Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle in the mail?

With our high demand we work our hardest to get the Men's Hormone Optimization Bundle wrapped and shipped within 24‐48 hours, and once we get it in the mail, it should take anywhere between 5‐7 business days to get to your doorstep!

30 Day Keto Bundle

Get Your 30 Day Supply!

Feel 200% satisfied or we're sending your money back, every cent. With our Warrior Strong 60 day money back guarantee, you can try a whole bottle and still get your money back!

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