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Welcome to Warrior Made, my name's Elisa!

But ever since I started cooking professionally, my friends have dubbed me Chef Elisa.

It's kind of funny actually, them always asking me for recipes. Text messages, phone calls, emails...sometimes I feel like a personal chef for 15 different women! And then I have my husband and kids — I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it!

Anyways, even though my mom was also a professional chef, I never thought I would be the "chef" among all my friends. My mom struggled with eating healthy foods, and it eventually lead to a serious decline in her health and several hospital runs.

So, from an early age I promised myself and my future family that I would eat as healthy as possible. I would consider it the biggest blessing in the world to grow old with my kids!

Which is why I started eating a ketogenic diet years ago. After years of research and experimenting, I feel it's the only diet I trust to give me real food, help me stay fit, and keep my energy up. The only problem?

For the longest time, I didn't know what to feed my family for dessert. (Okay, I wanted some too, but only a bite!)

Until, after hours and hours at the grocery store and in my kitchen, I finally came up with a dietary breakthrough: keto-friendly desserts.

So now, instead of knocking yourself out of ketosis and feeling guilty about eating dessert, you can let go of the stress and enjoy your much needed sweet treats, any day of the week!

If you want to try some of these recipes absolutely free, click the below and you'll be sent a downloadable PDF with 11 of these Keto Sweet Treat Recipes!

I can't wait for you to feel the difference!

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Elisa Silva
AKA... Chef Elisa