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Why Learn Your Core Type?

Did you know that certain core exercises and workouts can actually do more harm than good? And...

That some exercises can cause a bloated or puffy looking belly? The worst part is…

These "bad" exercises are not the same for everyone. Lucky for you…

I created something I call the Core Type Quiz.

It's a 30 second quiz that you can take right now for free, to learn the best core exercises for your individual body type.

I'm confident that this quiz can help you see amazing results. And…

It's free, so why not take it, right?

I'll see you after the quiz for the best core exercise for you based on your answers.

Take The 30-Second Core Type Quiz Now

Tyler Bramlett

Tyler Bramlett
Head Coach At

Learn Your
"Core Type" Here

Take the 30-second quiz to learn your "Core Type" and get results faster!