Exercise to Lift and Tone Your Butt

Published February 01, 2019
<article> <section> <p>With celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Amber Rose flooding our TV screens and social media feeds, we have truly entered the age of <i>the booty</i>. In fact, a firm and toned set of glutes has become one of the most sought after assets—wink, wink—for everyone from top elite athletes down to your average Jane or Joe. However, so many of us are not getting enough exercise or are living sedentary lifestyles that put the ultimate wrench in our big booty plans: our butts are asleep!</p> <p>All right, our butts aren’t exactly asleep, but most of us simply aren’t activating our glute muscles on a regular basis, resulting in deflated and weak backsides. In reality, the glute muscles should be some of the strongest in our entire body; after all, we use them to walk, climb stairs, squat down, maintain balance, and so much more.</p> <p>If you want to wake up your glute muscles and get on the path towards a lifted and toned butt, you’re going to want to keep reading because we’re going to share with you a method for learning to activate your glutes and one incredibly powerful exercise that will help you get started building the perfect booty. What’s more, just like all of the advice we share here at Warrior Made, these two incredible movements can be performed in the comfort of your own living room with absolutely zero equipment required.</p> <p>But, we’re not here to talk—we’re here to pump up your butt and help you achieve the glorious gluteus maximus you’ve always dreamed of. So, without further ado, let’s learn about our first key movement for waking up your butt!</p> <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9 w-md-75 my-5 mx-auto"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ERTKmxgXz-4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>Activating Your Glutes</header> <p>Because so many of us are living these sedentary lifestyles, we’ve lost that crucial brain-body connection that helps us to activate various muscles. It’s true—a lot of us simply can’t cognitively wrap our heads around how to fire our glutes and other important muscles.</p> <p>This simple move is going to force you into a position where you’ll need to activate your glutes so that your brain can learn what it feels like to fire your butt muscles. With that knowledge in hand, you’ll be ready to take on the challenging and rewarding exercise we’re going to teach you a little later on with a butt that’s awake and activated.</p> <div class="sub-head">Here’s what to do:</div> <ol> <li>Lie down on your stomach and bend your knees so your legs are pointing directly up towards the ceiling. Place your arms in front of you and relax your body; you can even put your head on a pillow if you don’t want to hold it up.</li> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-9-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-9-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-9-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-9-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-9-0069"> </picture> <li>Reach back and press your left thumb into your left glute muscle.</li> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-8-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-8-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-8-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-8-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-8-0069"> </picture> <li>While continuing press your thumb into your glute, lift your left heel up towards the ceiling. Hold this position for a slow count of ten.</li> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-7-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-7-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-7-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-7-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-7-0069"> </picture> <li>Switch and perform the same movement on the right side.</li> </ol> <p>The goal of this practice is to really develop that mind-body connection so that we know intuitively when we’re firing our glute muscles and how to do it. As you lift up your heel, your glutes have no choice but to activate, so that piece of the puzzle is really very simple. What you want to do throughout the movement is to really think about what it feels like to engage your glute muscle so you can get a sense of what you need to do to activate your butt while performing other exercises. Use your thumb to press into the glute, feeling what it’s like for those muscles to fire.</p> <p>This is going to come in super handy for the exercise we’re about to show you. But before we move on to the exercise, let’s get a little clearer about why it’s important to get up and get your butt moving beyond just aesthetics.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>Did You Know?</header> <p>One of our main objectives here at Warrior Made is to get you up, moving, and active in ways that you can maintain over a long period of time. We want exercise to become a part of your lifestyle, just the same as going to work, watching TV, and eating—- in fact, all of the exercises we recommend can be done in your own home with just you and your body.</p> <p>Still, so many of us are living sedentary lifestyles, especially in an age where many of us are doing work that requires us to sit at a desk for hours and hours every day. A 2013 survey from Ergotron found that as many as <a target="_blank" href="https://www.juststand.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/SurveyIndexReport.pdf" rel="noreferrer">86 percent</a> of US workers are required to sit at a desk all day for work. This has particularly damaging effects for our gluteal muscles. Sitting for long periods of time makes our hip flexors tight which, in turn, causes us to lengthen the gluteal muscles to compensate. With time, this makes it difficult for the glutes to activate properly resulting in what’s called <i>gluteal amnesia</i>, or more colloquially, Dead Butt Syndrome.</p> <p>Plus, sedentary lifestyles can lead to much more serious concerns than a dead butt. Spending the majority of your time sitting with little physical activity mixed in has been linked to a whole host of different ailments including increased <a target="_blank" href="https://medlineplus.gov/healthrisksofaninactivelifestyle.html" rel="noreferrer">risk</a> of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, osteoporosis, and poor mental health.</p> <p>The great news is that the two simple exercises we’re sharing here are incredibly simple, efficient, and effective ways to wake up your booty, get your heart rate up, and boost your metabolism, all of which can combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.</p> <p>Now, let’s learn how to perform one of the best and most beneficial glute exercises out there: the Shoulder Bridge Lift.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>Shoulder Bridge Lift</header> <p>The Shoulder Bridge Lift is a great exercise not just for toning and lifting your butt, but also for strengthening your spine which provides all sorts of other amazing benefits including improving your posture, reducing lower back pain, and helping to bolster you against injury.</p> <div class="sub-head">Here’s how to perform the perfect Shoulder Bridge Lift:</div> <ol> <li>Start by lying on your back with your knees bent at around a 45 degree angle.</li> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-6-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-6-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-6-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-6-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-6-0069"> </picture> <li>Shrug your shoulders, then drop them down in the opposite direction, driving your fingertips towards your heels.</li> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-5-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-5-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-5-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-5-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-5-0069"> </picture> <li>Press your heels into the ground so that all of the weight is on your heels and none of it is on your toes. </li> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-4-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-4-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-4-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-4-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-4-0069"> </picture> <p>Now lift your hips up towards the ceiling, keeping in mind how it felt to activate your glutes in the movement we showed you earlier.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-3-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-3-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-3-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-3-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-3-0069"> </picture> <li>Drop your hips back down to the starting position then repeat the movement.</li> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-2-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-2-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-2-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-2-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-2-0069"> </picture> <li>Continue lifting and dropping for 20 repetitions. You can do up to five sets of 20 repetitions with around 30 to 60 seconds of rest in between each set.</li> </ol> <p>If you’re finding that this move is a little too easy for you, or if you’ve done it regularly and are ready to take on something a bit more challenging, you can try out the Alternating Single Leg Shoulder Bridge. You’ll perform the exact same movement, but this time, you’re going to lift and extend your left leg out while pressing your body up through your right heel. Then you’ll perform the movement on the opposite side and continue alternating until you’ve done ten repetitions on each side.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-1-0069.webp" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-1-0069.jpf" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-1-0069.jpg"> <img src="https://d1ghrtdbdq2gkr.cloudfront.net/blog-content/tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-1-LR-0069.jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="tyler-lift-and-tone-butt-1-0069"> </picture> <p>As you do both of these exercises, don’t think about lifting your hips up, but rather pressing your heels into the ground. This is going to ensure that you’re really activating the glute muscles and working them hard.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>Putting It All Together</header> <p>With the warm-up move and the exercise we’ve offered you here, we can guarantee that you’re going to develop that critical brain-body connection so you can overcome your Dead Butt Syndrome. Stay focused on your glutes as you perform both of these movements to ensure that you’re activating them at full capacity and getting the absolute maximum benefit for your time.</p> <p>We want to see you achieve the toned and lifted butt of your dreams, and these moves are the key to getting started. However, just as important is that you find an exercise routine that works with you and your lifestyle, especially if you’re somebody who is pressed for time and stuck in a sedentary rut. Both of these simple movements can be performed on your living room floor or really anywhere with a few feet of space to stretch out. Plus, you can complete a full five sets in ten minutes or less.</p> <p>So, if you’re ready to take on the challenge of building your best booty and waking those glutes up, there’s no better place to start than with our glute-activating movement and the Shoulder Bridge Lift exercise. Take just ten minutes out of your day today, whether it’s while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning or during the commercial break for your favorite TV show, and knock out five sets of these simple and effective movements. </p> <p>A toned and lifted butt is well within your reach!</p> </section> </article>

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