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Cheat Day Challenge - SQUAT TILL YA DROP

Published February 09, 2019
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##Cheat Day Challenge!! Welcome to the Cheat Day Challenge workout we call Squat Till Ya Drop. Since you’ll be indulging today, and increasing your carb intake, this workout will help you get ready for those extra calories. This way, when you do eat extra carbs, they will get stored in your muscle tissue. Cheat day workouts are designed to be harder than others we provide. So, be sure to tune into your body while you are doing this workout, and stop if you lose form or feel fatigued. First, we’ll do a little warm up. After that, you’re going to do 50 rounds of sit to stand squats. Follow along to our timer for 30 seconds, and when you hear it go off, start with a set of 10 reps. Once you have completed 10 squats, rest until the 30 second timer finishes, and then repeat, aiming for 50 rounds. This may seem like a lot, and your goal is to do as many as you can, listening to your body as you go. And, last, but not least, after your workout, have a great cheat day. You earned it! <div class="col-12 col-md-4"> <img class="img-fluid" src="" alt="Sit to Stands"> <p>SIT TO STANDS</p> </div>

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