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6 Week Challenge Winner November 2018

Congratulations to all of our Warrior Made Members for persevering through the past 6 weeks! You are all truly warriors for committing to the challenge and believing in yourself. We take many elements into consideration before we determine the winner of each challenge. We are very pleased to announce that the winner of the final challenge for 2018 is someone who has contributed so much to the Tribe and has really taken their body transformation journey into a lifelong plan. Please help us in celebrating… <br></br> <b>Ken Barker!</b> <br></br> You can get incredible results just like Ken by signing up for our Warrior Made membership with includes Free entry in every 6 Week Challenge that we hold. <b>[FIND OUT MORE HERE!]( "Warrior Made")</b> <br></br> Here are all the winners from this 6 Week Challenge: <br></br> 1. Ken Barker $5,000 2. Diane Oliver $1,500 3. Angel Scheider $1,000 4. Julie Belissimo $500 5. Leonard Jordan $250

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