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17 Fitness Motivation Tips To Keep You On Track

<article> <section> <p>It’s one thing to read about how to improve your health and fitness through exercise. Actually getting yourself up and moving on the other hand? Now, that’s a whole different story.</p> <p>At Warrior Made, we believe that the key to getting in shape is finding a simple, sustainable exercise routine that meets you where you’re at and works with your schedule. Think about it. If you have the choice between going home or going to the gym after a long day at work, you’re probably going to pick home. That’s why we share our favorite exercises that you can do at home—no equipment required.</p> <p>But once you get yourself home, you still have to find it in you to actually work out. You might be wondering: how can I motivate myself to work out at home?</p> <p>If that sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. The fact that you’re reading this article means you have the desire to live a happier, healthier life. Here we’re going to share our 17 best fitness <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">motivation</a> tips to move you past the stage of thinking about exercise into the world of actually doing it!</p> <div class="sub-head">1. Do what you love.</div> <p>You can try to do workouts you don’t enjoy (like running on the treadmill), but it’s much easier to stay active when you do exercise that feels like fun rather than work. Find an activity you love—like <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">walking</a>, bodyweight exercises, or a sport—and get out there and do it! </p> <div class="sub-head">2. It only takes a few minutes each day.</div> <p>The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that we get 2.5 hours of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise weekly <sup>1</sup>. But it’s not a zero sum game—any amount of exercise is better than no exercise at all. If you can take even just five to ten minutes out of each day, you will see health benefits. If you’re able to meet the recommended guidelines, all the better!</p> <div class="sub-head">3. Practice positive affirmations.</div> <p>We’ve all got that voice inside that tells us we can’t reach our goals. But a positive outlook can actually increase your willingness to try new activities as well as your ability to set and meet fitness goals <sup>2</sup>. Take a few minutes each day to write or speak positive affirmations in an “I am” form. For example, “I am strong. I am powerful. I am capable of reaching my goals.”</p> <div class="sub-head">4. Make being active part of your lifestyle. </div> <p>Fitness is about so much more than your actual workouts. Being more active in your daily life has its benefits, too. Make simple changes in your life. Do errands on foot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. When activity is a part of your life rather than something you do for a few hours each week, changes in your health will happen almost effortlessly.</p> <div class="sub-head">5. Create your own workout space.</div> <p>You know how people always say you shouldn’t do work in your bed because it’s a place you associate with relaxation? Well, a similar rule applies to exercise. Find a spot in your house that you can designate as your workout space. It doesn’t have to be an entire room either. Try to choose a distinct enough place that you start to associate it with working out rather than vegging out!</p> <div class="sub-head">6. You can do anything for 30 seconds! </div> <p>Because we believe in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), our workouts involve short bursts of exercise followed by periods of rest. Take a moment right now to time out 30 seconds—it went by in a flash, right? All you have to do is keep your mind strong and your body moving for those 30 seconds. And guess what? You can!</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="two-friends-hiking-with-dog"> </picture> <div class="sub-head">7. Grab a buddy.</div> <p>Individuals perform tasks better as part of a group. That’s a widely known phenomenon called the Kohler Effect <sup>3</sup>. A 2012 study in the <i>Annals of Behavioral Medicine</i> found that this applies to exercise as well. Women who performed aerobic exercise with a partner spent around 22 minutes active; while those who exercised alone only managed around ten minutes. If you have a friend who also wants to be more active, link up to get motivated!</p> <div class="sub-head">8. Set realistic goals.</div> <p>If your <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">goal</a> is something outlandish—like running a 5K next week—you probably won’t be able to convince yourself that it’s possible, much less try to make it happen. Set small goals that you can actually achieve, and you’ll be much more likely to work toward them. Once you hit a goal, set a new one!</p> <div class="sub-head">9. Find an online fitness community.</div> <p>The magic of the internet is that it allows us to connect with others like us. Online fitness communities provide a perfect place to get motivation, learn new things, and track your progress right alongside your virtual buddies. We’ve got our own vibrant online community for our members—the Warrior Made <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">tribe</a>—that we’d love for you to be a part of! </p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="writing-down-on-notepad"> </picture> <div class="sub-head">10. Track your progress.</div> <p>It’s so much easier to keep going with your workout routine when you know your effort is paying off. Keep track of progress so you can see the changes you’ve made. Things like doing more reps of an exercise or holding a move a few seconds longer than you could before. </p> <div class="sub-head">11. Get an accountability partner.</div> <p>Sometimes our schedules don’t line up for working out with a friend. An <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">accountability</a> partner can keep you just as motivated. Find someone in your life who is also on a fitness journey and commit to checking in with each other regularly. For instance, text each other when you finish your workout or have a weekly check-in where you catch up on your progress.</p> <div class="sub-head">12. Better health is more than what you see on the scale.</div> <p>So many of us believe that the point of exercise is to lose weight. While exercise can and does spark weight loss, it has so many more benefits like disease prevention, better mobility, and improved mental health <sup>4</sup>. What matters most is that you feel good. If you happen to lose some weight along the way, all the better! </p> <div class="sub-head">13. Rest is your friend.</div> <p>We live in a world that’s all about working as hard as you can to get what you want. But taking time off is crucial to recover your muscles, avoid overuse injuries, and prevent fatigue. Overdoing it can even cause physical and emotional <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">stress</a>. Think about your relaxation time as an important part of your fitness routine.</p> <div class="sub-head">14. Buy yourself workout clothes.</div> <p>This one might seem a little frivolous, but trust us—it isn’t. Have you ever noticed how putting on a formal outfit changes the way you feel? Well, workout clothes can have the same effect. Plus, no one wants to spend money on something that gathers dust in the closet. Once you’ve made the investment in workout clothes, you’re going to want to put them to use!</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="workout-victory-man-arms-raised"> </picture> <div class="sub-head">15. Focus on your successes, not your failures.</div> <p>It’s easy to obsess over the things that we haven’t achieved. If you aim for ten repetitions of an exercise and only hit eight, you might think that you’ve failed to meet your goal. But in reality, you’ve done eight reps, and that’s way more than nothing! When you find yourself focusing on the negative, relax. Take a breath, and think about the things that you <i>have</i> accomplished.</p> <div class="sub-head">16. Reward yourself for hard work.</div> <p>Humans are reward-motivated beings. Sometimes promising yourself a little treat at the end of a workout is enough to make you exercise in the first place. But try not to reward yourself with unhealthy foods or other things that might undo the work you just did!</p> <div class="sub-head">17. Put workouts in your calendar. </div> <p>You put your meetings, appointments, and dates in your calendar, so why not schedule your exercise, too? When you build it into your schedule like all your other commitments, you’ll take it more seriously than if you just plan to exercise whenever you have time.</p> <p>Yes, logging workout time is how you get results. But without motivation, starting and maintaining an exercise plan is nearly impossible. So take full advantage of the tips we’ve offered here if you want to create an easy and effective at-home workout plan to help you reach your goals. And be sure to head over to our <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Fitness</a> page for more inspiration!</p> <div class="sub-head">Resources</div> <ol> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Positive affect and physical activity</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Aerobic Exercise Is Promoted</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">The Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise</a></li> </ol> </section> </article>

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