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The Best Low Carb Vegetables To Eat On Keto

Discovering low-carb vegetables to eat on keto helps to add variety to your diet. It also ensures that you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber! An important part of any healthy lifestyle, vegetables are essential to maintaining proper nutrition levels. Yet, not all vegetables are created equal, and here are some high-carb vegetables that are a no go on keto. In the information below, you’ll find a complete guide to all the best keto vegetables for you to eat while on a low-carb diet. We’ll also cover the vegetables that you should limit. Keep in mind that all vegetables have carbs. In most instances, the net carbs in vegetables are a lot less than other foods because of the fiber that veggies contain. <h4><p style="color: rgba(20, 117, 135, 1)">What Are Keto Meals Ideas With Vegetables?</p></h4> When starting a keto diet, many beginners tend to eat a lot of salads. Salads are easy to make for when you’re on the go and are easy to fill with nutrient-dense vegetables. If you’re feeling over salads—and are looking for meal ideas that are low-carb, tasty, and filling—here are a few ideas for you to check out: * <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Mushrooms</strong></a> * <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Creamy Garlic Parmesan Zoodles</strong></a> * <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Sun Dried Tomato and Parmesan Brussel Sprouts</strong></a> * <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Low-Carb Breakfast Frittata</strong></a> <h4><p style="color: rgba(20, 117, 135, 1)">What Vegetables Can I Eat on the Keto Diet?</p></h4> As long as you aren’t over-consuming vegetables that are high in carbs, you won’t have any problem staying in ketosis. Remember, that to stay in ketosis, you should be consuming between 20 to 30 net grams of carbs every day. Here’s one of the tricks to figuring out if a vegetable is low in carbs: if the vegetable grows above the ground, it’s okay to eat on a low-carb diet. What about if the veggie you are thinking of eating grows above ground? It likely has a higher carb content, which could put you over on macros if you don’t consume in moderation. Here are some keto-friendly veggies you can enjoy on your keto diet: <h5><p style="color: #000000">Asparagus</p></h5> Packed with vitamins K, C, and A, asparagus has only four net grams of carbs per serving<sup>3</sup>. On those days where you’re feeling a little hungrier than usual, you should feel free to grab an extra serving of this low-carb veggie. <h5><p style="color: #000000">Avocado</p></h5> While avocados are technically a fruit, many followers of the keto diet pair avocados with other vegetables—such as in salads. At three net grams of carbs per one cup, avocados are a great way to up your healthy fat intake. Include some in your diet to make sure you’re reaching your daily recommended amount of fats. <div class="text-left my-5"> <img class="img-fluid w-md-75 image-center" src="" alt="avocado-in-half-seasoned"> </div> <h5><p style="color: #000000">Broccoli</p></h5> With only 6.64 grams of carbs and 2.6 grams of fiber per serving, this low-carb vegetable is jam-packed with vitamins C and K. Not only is broccoli an easy find at the grocery store, it’s also a great substitute for fried, high-carb sides when you’re out to eat at a restaurant! <h5><p style="color: #000000">Brussels Sprouts</p></h5> Brussels Sprouts are an often overlooked vegetable. For those who follow the keto diet, they make a great addition to any salad—boasting only five net carbs per serving. Slice a serving of Brussels sprouts in half and throw them in your salad to add more fiber to your diet without stacking on the calories! <div class="text-left my-5"> <img class="img-fluid w-md-75 image-center" src="" alt="brussel-sprouts-on-wood-table"> </div> <h5><p style="color: #000000">Cabbage</p></h5> For a whole cup of this low-carb veggie, you’ll only consume 2.3 net grams of carbs. Which means you can really fill up on your favorite cabbage dishes with no guilt! Check out this <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Asian Crack Slaw</strong></a> if you’re looking for a new dish with cabbage and a few other keto vegetables. <h5><p style="color: #000000">Cauliflower</p></h5> In the world of keto vegetables, cauliflower is the most commonly used low-carb veggie. You can use it as a substitute for things like mashed potatoes and rice. At only two net grams of carbs, this keto vegetable floret is a great staple to stock in your fridge! If you’re looking to please your latest loaded potatoes craving—without eating too many net carbs—check out this <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Loaded Cauliflower Casserole</strong></a> recipe. <div class="text-left my-5"> <img class="img-fluid w-md-75 image-center" src="" alt="cauliflower-with-greenery-low-carb"> </div> <h5><p style="color: #000000">Celery</p></h5> A perfect pairing with <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Keto Buffalo Chicken Tenders</strong></a>, celery only has 1.37 net grams of carbs per serving. You can fill up on celery with your favorite dips, in your salads, or as a boat—without stressing about your net carbs. <h5><p style="color: #000000">Mushrooms</p></h5> Mushrooms are a great keto vegetable to use if you’re looking to add more texture or flavor to your favorite keto dishes. A single serving of white mushrooms only has one net gram of carbs! <div class="text-left my-5"> <img class="img-fluid w-md-75 image-center" src="" alt="mushrooms-laying-on-black-surface"> </div> <h4><p style="color: rgba(20, 117, 135, 1)">What Vegetables Are Low in Carbs?</p></h4> To get a better understanding of what macros the keto vegetables you’re consuming have, here’s a handy chart. Take a closer look at the total carbs, fiber, and net carbs the best keto vegetables have<sup>1</sup>: <div class="text-left my-5"> <img class="img-fluid w-md-75 image-center" src="" alt="top_15_keto_friendly_veggies"> </div> As mentioned earlier, a simple guide to figuring out whether a vegetable is low in net carbs is: * If the vegetable grows above the ground, it’s likely that it’s a keto vegetable that’s low in net carbs * If the vegetable grows underneath the ground, it’s likely that it isn’t a low-carb veggie Depending on if you’re following a low-carb diet or the ketogenic diet, the types of vegetables you can consume unrestrictedly may change. For example: while kale is more nutrient-dense than lettuce, there is a large difference in the total net grams of carbs the two leafy greens have. Keep in mind that while one serving of a low-carb vegetable can fit within your macros, you should still track your portions. If you’re following the ketogenic diet—and consuming an average of 20 net grams of carbs a day—two servings of Brussels Sprouts would take up daily carbs macros. Also, pay attention to the color of the low-carb veggies that you’re eating. Generally, vegetables that are green are lower in carbs than their red or yellow counterparts. One green bell pepper has 2.90 net grams of carbs, while a red bell pepper has seven net grams of carbs<sup>4</sup>. <h4><p style="color: rgba(20, 117, 135, 1)">What Vegetables Are Not Keto Friendly?</p></h4> Vegetables that are high in starch content—such as yams and potatoes— we recommend avoiding while following a low-carb diet. Not only are the vegetables that aren’t keto friendly high in carbs, but these vegetables also don’t offer very much in a nutritional aspect. Not sure if your favorite veggie is low-carb? Here’s a list of the most common high-carb veggies; with total carbs, fiber, and total net carbs per 100 gram serving.<sup>2</sup> <div class="text-left my-5"> <img class="img-fluid w-md-75 image-center" src="" alt="high-carb-keto-vegetables-table-2.0"> </div> You don’t have to completely avoid eating these vegetables for the rest of the time you’re following a low carb lifestyle. But, it’s recommended that you avoid eating a full serving of these vegetables on the rare occasions that you do choose to eat them. <h4><p style="color: rgba(20, 117, 135, 1)">Wrapping Up</p></h4> Fruits are high in carbs, which means that you should limit your fruit consumption on the keto diet. Keto vegetables—that are low in net carbs—will help ensure that you’re consuming enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your diet. As an added bonus they’ll also help keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. To learn more about keto-friendly foods and recipes to add into your diet, check out our <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>nutrition page</strong></a> as well as our <a target="_blank" href=""><strong>Warrior Made membership</strong></a> so you can get a keto-friendly meal plan delivered to your inbox **every week**, and never have to wonder what low carb options are available to you. Click here to discover how you can incorporate these low-carb vegetables into your every day diet! <h5><p style="color: #000000">Resources</p></h5> 1. <a target="_blank" href="">Best Low Carb Vegetables for Keto</a> 2. <a target="_blank" href="">Carbs in Vegetables</a> 3. <a target="_blank" href="">Is Asparagus Keto?</a> 4. <a target="_blank" href="">Going Keto? You Can Still Eat Vegetables</a>

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