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The Amazing Benefits of Pine Pollen, Nature’s Hormone Booster

<article> <section> <p>What can the male sperm from a tree do to improve human’s health? Well, as it so happens, a lot.</p> <p><i>Pine pollen</i> is an ancient natural supplement that is increasing in popularity in health and fitness circles worldwide. Any time a powder offers benefits like increased testosterone and anti-inflammation, it’s worth looking into. Some call it a <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">superfood</a>, and historically it’s been known as a vitamin-rich ‘longevity’ solution.</p> <p>In this article, we’ll look at the amazing benefits of pine pollen. Some people are calling it nature’s hormone booster-we <i>definitely</i> think it’s something you should look into for your health.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="pine-pollen-water-drops"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>History of Pine Pollen</header> <p>Pine pollen is a popular natural supplement taken as a powder in Chinese medicine. It is touted for its rich sources of vitamins and minerals and is known in some circles as a <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">superfood</a>. Historically, pine pollen has been used to detoxify the body. Some evidence also suggests it has an <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">anti-inflammatory effect</a>.</p> <p>More recently, pine pollen has been touted as a natural testosterone booster for men. These claims have repopularized pine pollen in fitness and health communities around the world.</p> <p>There are different types of pine pollen. The two most popular are <i>Pinus massoniana</i> (Chinese red pine) and <i>Pinus sylvestris</i> (Scots pine)<sup>1</sup>.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>What Are Hormones?</header> <p>Before we dive into pine pollen, you’re going to want to learn what a hormone is. </p> <p><i>Hormones</i> are a part of your endocrine system. Think of hormones as chemical messengers in your body. Hormones are incredibly powerful and specific. Each hormone sends a distinct message to a specific part of the body that leads to a certain behavior<sup>2</sup>.</p> <p>For example, your <i>hypothalamus</i> (an area of your brain that produces lots of hormones) is responsible for body temperature, hunger, and mood. Your *thyroid* produces hormones that affect sex drive and how many calories you burn throughout the day. <i>Testosterone</i>, produced in the testes, is also a hormone.</p> <p>Basically, hormones are super important to health and overall well-being. You need these to be working well for you to be at your best.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="pine-pollen-tree-needles"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>What Are the Benefits of Pine Pollen?</header> <p>While some of the benefits of pine pollen powder are male-specific (see the next section), there are plenty of benefits available to both men and women. Here are some benefits of supplementing with this natural powder.</p> <div class="sub-head">Increases DHEA Production</div> <p>We’ve talked previously about how low-fat diets <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">like keto</a> can help enhance brain function and boost your immunity. So can pine pollen. This is because pine pollen increases <i>dehydroepiandrosterone</i> (DHEA—don’t worry, we can’t say it either) in your bloodstream. </p> <p>DHEA is a natural hormone produced by your <i>adrenal</i> glands that boosts immunity, wards off disease, keeps muscles and bones strong, and even prevents aging<sup>3</sup>.</p> <div class="sub-head">Detoxifies the Body</div> <p>Pine pollen helps rid the body of toxic chemicals that lead to inflammation and illness. It is known as a *phyto-androgen*, which means it’s a hormone that keeps your tissues healthy and strong. Supplementing with phyto-androgens like pine pollen help offset or balance out your body. </p> <p>Health benefits of detoxification include losing body-fat, reducing stress, and making better choices when you eat meals<sup>4</sup>.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>Benefits of Pine Pollen for Men</header> <p>It is thought that pine pollen powder contains hormones that boost testosterone in both men and women. While women have a very small amount of testosterone, low testosterone can have many adverse effects in men. Symptoms of low testosterone include moodiness, gaining body fat, low sex drive, fatigue, and hair loss<sup>5</sup>. </p> <p>Besides testosterone, pine pollen regulates the size of the <i>prostate</i>. This can help ward off an enlarged prostate and even prostate cancer.</p> <div class="sub-head">Is Pine Pollen Powder Good for Men?</div> <p>The early anecdotal evidence of this natural supplement says it can really improve a man’s health. Benefits like improved hormone function and better immunity are impressive. </p> <p>More studies on the effects of pine pollen are needed to confirm some claims. The side-effects of pine pollen are minimal (see below), so it’s a low-risk high reward.</p> <p>If you’re in the market for a male hormone booster, check out WM’s <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">men’s hormone support</a> supplement. It has pine pollen powder in it plus a bunch of other awesome ingredients that help men perform and feel their best.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jpf"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="pine-pollen-powder"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>Does Pine Pollen Powder Raise Testosterone?</header> <p>The idea behind pine pollen raising testosterone is that pine pollen is the male sperm of a pine tree. </p> <p>Each spring, pine pollen is responsible for new trees growing all over the world. When pine pollen spreads, it spreads anabolic (growth) phyto-androgen hormones like DHEA, androsterone, and androstenedione.</p> <p>It is thought that an ingestible powder containing pine pollen has the same effect on men’s health due to an increase in testosterone. Users report less body fat, more energy, and an increased sex drive when their testosterone is boosted<sup>6</sup>.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>What Are the Side Effects of Pine Pollen Powder?</header> <p>With any type of supplement or health advice, balance is key. So, too, is the case with pine pollen. Yes, it can boost your testosterone levels, keep you healthy and ward off disease, and boost hormones that keep you young, but there are some side effects to consider.</p> <p>First and foremost, keep in mind that there is not yet a ton of science backing the health claims of pine pollen. This natural, hormone-boosting supplement seems promising, but it requires more research.</p> <p>Also, keep in mind that low testosterone isn’t good, but there is an optimal level of testosterone for the human body. Too much testosterone can lead to blood clots, heart problems, prostate cancer, and low sperm count<sup>7</sup>.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>Looking to Boost Your Hormones?</header> <p>Pine pollen is a natural, hormone-boosting supplement that originates from Chinese medicine. It’s become popular in fitness and health circles in recent years because of claims that it boosts testosterone, improves immunity, and even prevents aging. </p> <p>While more science is needed on pine pollen to confirm these awesome claims, it is true that optimal hormone levels in the body keep you healthy and functioning at your best. Hormones are the chemical messengers in your body that dictate everything that happens internally.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a way to optimize your hormones, check out our <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">men’s support</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">women’s support</a> bundles. They are designed specifically to meet your needs and boost your hormones so you can look and feel your best. While men’s support helps boost testosterone, women’s support helps reduce mood swings, minimize cramping, and improves brain, hair, and skin health.</p> <div class="sub-head">Resources</div> <ol> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Examining the Effects of Pine Pollen</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">What Are Hormones, And What Do They Do?</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Detox Water Health Benefits and Myths</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">9 Signs of Low Testosterone</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">DHEA Supplements</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Examining the Effects of Pine Pollen</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">How Testosterone Benefits Your Body</a></li> </ol> </section> </article>

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