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Tempeh: What Is It, And Why It’S Healthy

Tempeh (tem-PAE) is made out of fermented soybeans, which are a top protein substitute or meal addition. Of all the soy products on the market, tempeh is the best to try as it has many health benefits and is a better meat alternative than tofu.

Is Grass Fed Beef Worth The Price Tag?

Grass-fed beef is well worth the price tag for the health benefits you’re looking for. Along with having a high saturated fat count, it’s also very low in carbohydrates. And being a type of meat, grass-fed beef is also packed full of all of the essential amino acids your body needs.

The Effects Of Probiotics On The Microbiome

Probiotics are good for two reasons: they increase the health of good bacteria and help eliminate any bad bacteria that can make you sick. In fact, if you’re experiencing digestive issues, probiotic supplements are likely the first thing your doctor will recommend.

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Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Mushrooms

Philly cheesesteak stuffed mushrooms are amazingggggg! Besides the fact that they taste awesome, here’s three more reasons why: 1. They are low carb! 2. Easy to throw together—fill caps with tender steak, sautéed vegetables, and ...

Molten Lava Cake

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, here is a perfect recipe to treat your loved one with! No this is not a dream, whip this up for two and there’s no need to go out! You ...

Asian Crack Slaw

Time to put on your apron and whip up this incredible Asian Crack Slaw! Great for meal plans this is a one-pan dish that boasts strong, sweet and spicy flavors. Simple, quick, yet oh so ...

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