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5 Reasons to Pass on Dirty Keto

<article> <section> <p>It’s not often that you hear about a diet where you don’t have to worry about eating healthy food. No, you didn’t read that wrong. “Dirty keto,” a popular spin-off of the ketogenic diet, is a way to lose weight <i>without</i> eating nutrient-rich, wholesome foods like veggies and lean proteins.</p> <p>If you’re like us, you’re two things right now: skeptical, but interested. <i>Lose weight without eating healthy, you say?</i> You’re game. But what’s the catch, and can you actually lose weight on the dirty keto diet?</p> <p>We’ll spell it out for you right here: you <i>can</i> lose weight on dirty keto. You can get into ketosis and burn fat only drinking diet colas and eating cheeseburgers.</p> <p>But there is a catch. Actually, there are several. You’ll get results, but the <i>end</i> results you’re looking for—optimal health and <i>long-term</i>, sustained weight loss, are unlikely at best on dirty keto.</p> <p>Here’s everything you need to know about the keto diet, dirty keto, and the 5 main reasons you should pass on trying it.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jp2"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="keto-foods-big-salad-and-ingredients-0190"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>What is The Keto Diet?</header> <p>The <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer"> ketogenic diet</a> , or “keto,” is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet. If you’re <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">calculating macros</a>, keto breaks down to about 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein, and 5 percent carbs. </p> <p>On a standard 2,000 calorie diet, you’d eat about 25 grams of carbs (or fewer) per day. For reference, a banana has 25 to 30 grams of carbs. So keto is probably a lot less carbs than your body is used to.</p> <p>A typical <i>healthy</i> meal on the keto diet might be a piece of <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">salmon </a>with <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">kale </a>or another green veggie cooked in butter or coconut oil. Lots of fat, some protein, and plenty of healthy veggies.</p> <p>The keto diet is proven to help you <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">lose weight</a> ,<a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">reduce inflammation</a>,<a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">sleep better</a>, and even,<a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">have more energy</a>.</p> <p>If you’re wondering how you can eat no carbs and have <i>more energy</i>, you probably haven’t heard about <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">ketosis</a>.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>What is Ketosis?</header> <p><i>Ketosis</i> is a natural state where the body uses ketones (a natural chemical made by the liver) to burn fat as its primary fuel source.</p> <p>Most people’s bodies are used to running off sugar, or glucose. But when you restrict carbs, your body eventually switches over to using ketones. The amount of time it takes to <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">get into ketosis</a> depends on the individual.</p> <p>What happens next is why people get such great results from the keto diet. Essentially, your body becomes a 24/7 fat-burning machine. When you’re working, exercising, even sleeping, your body uses up stored fat.</p> <p>The magic of ketosis is one of the main reasons thousands of <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">our fitness tribe</a> members have lost weight and transformed their bodies.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jp2"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="diet-coke-lined-up-0190"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>What Is The Dirty Keto Diet?</header> <p>“Dirty keto” is the keto diet without an emphasis on quality foods. You stick to the macronutrient split—70 percent fats, 25 percent proteins, 5 percent carbs—but basically eat whatever you want.</p> <p>Instead of choosing healthy foods like vegetables, eggs, or avocados, you eat things like cheeseburgers, pork rinds, keto fried foods, and even, diet sodas.</p> <div class="sub-head">Wait, You Can Do That?</div> <p>Technically, yes. You can eat low-quality food and stay in ketosis. This is because your body absent of glucose will have to find another energy source to keep your brain and other organs running. Deprive yourself of carbohydrates long enough and your body will have no other choice but to start releasing ketones. </p> <p>If you stick to the right amount of calories, weight loss is even possible on dirty keto. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight no matter what you eat. </p> <p>That might sound exciting, but what you must understand is that dirty keto is a shortcut to your weight loss goals. And shortcuts come at a cost.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>5 Reasons To Pass On A Dirty Keto Diet</header> <p>Our goal isn’t to “shame” you away from eating tasty foods. Obviously it would be awesome to eat cheeseburgers all day and still lose weight. In fact, our <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">14-Day Diet</a> plan builds cheat days <i>into</i> your weight loss routine. You can eat carbs on those days, by the way.</p> <p>But dirty keto is not the way to do it. As tempting as it sounds, dirty keto is not a good idea for your health, your mindset, and especially—your long-term weight loss goals.</p> <p>These 5 reasons might convince you to stick with chicken and veggies.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jp2"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="man-holding-stomach-stomach-ache-0190"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>1. Being In Ketosis Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthy </header> <p>Sure, ketosis is a natural state to be in. And when you’re burning fat all the time, weight loss is possible no matter what you eat. But eating quality food is one of the key indicators that your physical body is <i>actually</i> healthy <sup>1</sup>. </p> <p>Things like diet soda, pork rinds, and other dirty keto “staples” are highly-processed and contain chemicals that aren’t good for you. And that’s something to take seriously.</p> <p>Science shows eating processed foods can actually shave years off your life <sup>2</sup>. The likelihood of ailments like heart disease and stomach cancer goes up when you eat processed foods.</p> <p>Know that we’re not trying to scare you—if anything, we want you to know this so you can make better choices.</p> <p>Like how the scale doesn’t always reflect progress toward your goals (e.g. you add a bunch of lean muscle but weigh the same), ketosis doesn’t tell the whole story. Your health should always be a priority. </p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jp2"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="avocado-in-half-white-background-0190"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>2. Dirty Keto Robs You Of Micronutrients </header> <p>Depriving yourself of wholesome veggies, <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">superfoods</a> like eggs and avocados, and quality proteins like salmon, robs your body of <i>micronutrients</i>. Those are the trace vitamins and minerals found in food.</p> <p>We already talked about macronutrients, but those aren’t the same thing. Macros are the building blocks of what we eat: protein, fat, and carbs. The list of micronutrients is much longer. Examples include <sup>3</sup>:</p> <ul> <li>Water and fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K </li> <li>Iron</li> <li>Zinc</li> <li>Magnesium</li> <li>Calcium</li> <li>Sodium</li> <li>Potassium</li> </ul> <p>There are more, but you don’t need to remember them all. Just remember each micronutrient is important for human health. </p> <p>For example, vitamin B is necessary for energy production and magnesium helps regulate blood pressure <sup>4</sup>.</p> <p>If you’ve ever heard that you should eat a variety of differently colored veggies, it’s because of micronutrients. When you “eat the rainbow”—various colors of veggies and fruits like blueberries—your body benefits from receiving a variety of different micronutrients.</p> <p>Dirty keto encourages you to forego micronutrient-rich foods for processed junk. As a result, you’re more likely to be sick, fatigued, and not feel good, which makes it much harder to <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">work out</a>. </p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset=" type="image/jp2"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="two-unhappy-girls-with-burgers-fries-0190"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>3. You’re Less Likely To Feel Full or Satisfied</header> <p>One word that should deter you from trying dirty keto: <i>fiber</i>.</p> <p>Dirty keto processed foods won’t have much, if any, fiber. And that’s a problem.</p> <p>Not only is fiber one of the reasons vegetables are so healthy for you, it makes weight loss much easier <sup>5</sup>. The reason you feel full after eating a big salad isn’t because you ate a lot of calories. It’s because you ate a lot of fiber.</p> <p>If you’ve fallen off the wagon with your weight loss goals before, you know how hard it is to live life or stick with a diet when you’re constantly hungry. Fiber solves that problem. You’ll have less cravings, bloating, and fluctuations of weight loss or gain when you’re satisfied after eating.</p> <p>Fiber also promotes a <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">healthy microbiome</a>, which is essential for gut health. Clean keto eaters indulge in leafy vegetables and <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">probiotic-containing fermented foods</a>, which keeps the gut healthy and happy.</p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jp2"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="good-health-good-life-chalk-0190"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>4. You’re Not Building Healthy Habits </header> <p>Let’s face it: we all love indulgences from time to time. As nice as eating <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">low-carb desserts</a> and diet soda for every meal sounds, you’re depriving yourself of the journey to a better you. As adults, deep down we know self-control is the key to a happy and healthy life.</p> <p>If your first thought after reading that is, “Well, that’s corny. I just want to lose the weight!” consider this: </p> <p>You lose fifty pounds, or whatever your weight loss goal is. But you lose weight eating junk food using the dirty keto diet. And you don’t work out that often, if at all. </p> <p>You get the results—but do you feel good? Are you proud of all the hard work you did? Most importantly, have you built up habits that will help you keep the weight off for good? </p> <p>We’re all for a <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">cheat day</a> from time to time. That, in our opinion, is actually <i>part</i> of being healthy. But dirty keto is taking a shortcut to results. It might feel good in the short-term, but in the long run, you’re only cheating yourself. </p> <picture class="lazy-load"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/webp"> <source data-srcset="" type="image/jp2"> <source data-srcset=""> <img src="" class="img-fluid" alt="bacon-outside-cast-iron-0190"> </picture> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>5. Honestly, You Don’t Need Dirty Keto </header> <p>You don’t need it, because there are tons of healthy keto-approved treats you can make. Just check out our <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">recipe section </a>for proof. </p> <p>Okay, you won’t eat desserts at every meal like you would on dirty keto. But you probably also didn’t think you can eat <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">chocolate truffle cake</a> or <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">chocolate zucchini bread</a> and stay in ketosis, did you?</p> <p>The main reason people opt for dirty keto is because not eating many carbs is scary. You aren’t the first potential keto dieter to say your favorite foods are bread and pasta. But there are keto-approved workarounds that can help you enjoy your favorite foods sans carbs.</p> <p>And don’t forget: you can still eat bacon and cheeseburgers (without a bun) on the regular keto diet.</p> <p>Dirty keto lacks any sort of balance, which makes it a bad idea for your health. Eating clean, wholesome foods most of the time and treating yourself with the occasional indulgence is the way to go in our book.</p> </section> <hr class="divider-50 divider-medium mx-auto"> <section> <header>So, Should You Do Dirty Keto?</header> <p>Let’s sum it up like this: you <i>could</i> do dirty keto. You can eat junk food and skip eating micronutrient-dense, healthy veggies. You could even drink diet soda, and it’d still be possible to reach ketosis and your weight loss goals (assuming you eat the <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">right amount of calories</a>). </p> <p>But in the end, you’ll be robbing yourself of the journey to becoming a better you. You won’t build the habits that will help you keep the weight off, or gain the satisfaction that you transformed not only your body, but your mind, too.</p> <p><i>Our advice</i>? Forget dirty keto, and buy into the <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Warrior Made</a> philosophy. Eat high-quality, nutrient-dense food and use wholesome, fresh ingredients when you cook. This is the best way to transform yourself. It’ll be more challenging, but the end result is much sweeter.</p> <p>If you want world-class coaching, simple home workouts, and a supportive community to help you achieve your total body transformation, become a member of <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Warrior Made’s fitness tribe</a> today.</p> <div class="sub-head">Resources</div> <ol> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Eating the Right Foods for Exercise</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Eating ‘Ultra-Processed’ Foods Can Shave Years Off Your Life</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Types and Functions of Micronutrients</a></li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Types and Functions of Micronutrients</a>s</li> <li><a target="_blank" href="" rel="noreferrer">Why Is Fiber Good for You?</a></li> </ol> </section> </article>

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